Spring Chicken Soup

I know that you're likely thinking that soup belongs far in the dark recesses of winter and that even mentioning it here, on this hopeful brink of summer feels wrong. Bear with me. This soup is perfect for the now. Its light and fresh and easy. Topped with fresh herbs it feels healthy and welcoming of … Continue reading Spring Chicken Soup

Christmas craft week 2

Earlier this year I signed up to do an art journaling course online by Brene Brown. It was awesome! Mostly because it reminded me how important creativity is... And not to be scared of it.  As a homeschool mum I'm realising that creative intelligence is instrinsic to emotional intelligence and without emotional strength all the … Continue reading Christmas craft week 2

Dear PK

Do you know the phrase, the PK kid? 'Pastors Kid'? I was talking to a teacher last night who taught in the same school as her kids, and her daughter in particular was the school equivalent of the PK kid. It seems a universal thing: If your parents have a position of leadership, then you as … Continue reading Dear PK