Bulk Chocolate Chip Cookie


*Based on Sophie Grays recipe

Back some years ago, I went through a season of making Sam’s weekly lunches on a Sunday. Id make a bulk load of cheese or ham or chicken sandwiches, which Id freeze. Id make muffins and biscuits and freeze those in serving size portions in snap lock bags and have yoghurt and fruit ready for him to go. It probably only lasted about 6 months or so, before the inevitable addition of more kids meant food was something I didn’t want to see or know about. Hello morning sickness.  None the less, I remember this time fondly and I still think “oh its Sunday afternoon, thats a good time to bake”.

I own the Destitute Gourmet Cookbook. The first one. Ive used it so much, the pages are literally falling out of it. Its holding together by threads, and covered in foodie finger marks and love.

I honestly think I have made every single recipe in that book. And a ton of them, Ive altered and changed to become something that I know our family loves.

Her chocolate chip recipe is an absolute winner as it is. But whenever I eat one, I think “hmm, this needs ‘something’. So over the past few years, Ive tweaked and altered it, till it reflects in my humble opinion – the cookie of love. The addition of a little of bit of almond essence, takes it from being ‘best served with milk and a bedtime story’.. to ‘place on a pretty platter and serve to your favourite people with a cup of tea’ – or on ridiculous hot muggy and grey days like today – iced coffee. The extra egg yolk gives it a bit more chew, along with the condensed milk.



Chocolate Chip Recipe

Preheat oven to 180.c

250g butter

1/3 tin of condensed milk

1 egg plus one egg yolk

1 cup of white sugar

1/2 c of brown sugar

1 tsp of baking soda

400g of chocolate chips (or about 1-2cups)

3 1/4 c flour

Cream butter, sugars and condensed milk. Add egg and yolk. Mix in flour, soda, chocolate.

Spoon golf ball sized spoonfuls onto a tray (I bake 12 at a time), for 8 minutes.

Makes 36. Freeze well. If needed. Somehow we don’t need to anymore.



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