Date Night One

So as we enter the last quarter of January, Im assessing my New Years resolutions with some sense of pride. Ive managed every night, bar one, to remove my make up, moisturise and Ive found new games to play with the kids.. and fast become one of the most competitive Battleships players in the home.. despite the fact that Ive not yet won.

And tonight we went on date one of 12.

Sam is one of the most playful people I know. Which is not the most obvious thing that stands out about him. He can appear a little reserved, and he doesn’t need a lot of people around him. He loves the element of fun, not surprise and enjoys being spontaneous but loves being organised.

And he is so gifted with kids. Especially ours. Sam has the ability to make a lot of the mundane of life, a bit of an adventure. When he helps in Children’s Church, or at camps, kids congregate to him like a magnet. He notices the good in every child he meets, he effortlessly wins them over and commands respect with his integrity…. much the same way He won me.

Tonights date night was simple, but precious. And reminded me of all the ways he won my heart. We went to Pita Pit for a healthy dinner, while chatting about the excitement of the year ahead. I love that Sam enjoys to talk. Then we walked through countdown and grabbed some after dinner mints, and headed off to Fernland to enjoy their spa, in a beautiful setting, with open air and bush all around.

At one point I looked into his eyes and saw the last 15 years sort of rewind and skip in front of me. If I blink, I still see the younger boy in him, and I still feel like the younger version of me.  Skinnier, less laugh lines, but less of everything that makes life so rich. And I realised how very glad I was that I have my best friend to remind me often to laugh and play.

Now I just need to work on other New Years resolutions.. like better nights sleep… because playful Sam set the alarm for 6:30am so we can get up, have a cold morning swim (he, not me, because that is not my idea of fun!) and a cooked breakfast together.

Thanks for reading.





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