Making Sunshine

One of the most life giving choices I have made as a mum, is to do the things that bring me joy. To notice the beauty in life. Its a lesson my mum taught me that will stay with me forever, and I believe, has transformed my thinking from anxiety to hope.

Its not that I don’t have anxious tired days.. I still do! I regularly have to pause in the midst of mess, tiredness, worries, pressures and sleep deprivation and say to myself “you have a choice here”. And trust me, some days I rebel and choose the pity party (and regret it!).

However, Ive learnt along the way that bring sunshine to my days:

Heres five of my favourite things at the moment:

  1. Planning Ahead for something fun: Four years ago we went to England and I had so much fun organising the tickets, itinerary, maps and places to eat. When I came home, I found myself a little lost.. and I realised how much I love looking forward to an adventure. It doesn’t need to be something big – I really enjoy knowing that I can take initiative and take our family out of the house, and preferably outdoors. We recently visited Blue Springs at Putaruru and it was truly beautiful. The kids moaned a bit on the walk, but I was so proud of them for pushing through and experiencing the sense of achievement that they’d done it! Im on the hunt for other amazing places to visit, so drop me a note if you have suggestions.


2. Exercise: I set myself the goal of 30 minutes exercise a day at a minimum. I use Kayla Istines Sweat With Me app for my resistance routines, and I also run. Twice a week I have a babysitter come for an hour, and I head out the door and break a sweat. Running is one of my favourite things to do. Sort of.  I hate the first 2km every.single.time… but after that, I love setting my own pace, getting my own rhythm and feeling my legs move. Sam knows that about me too, if he comes home and Im a bit glum, the first thing he’ll say is “do you want to go for a run?”.



3. Having Cleaning Products Handy: I remember when I was pregnant with Joseph, realising that for the next few years, those last weeks would be the last time Id have the whole house tidy all at once. Now I steal little moments of time, to do a quick wipe over. Having the cleaning products handy, really helps! I purchased a lot of Eco products but in order to have them handy, they need to be kiddy safe, so I made a bottle of all purpose spray out of vinegar, lemon rind, water and a few drops of essential oil and leave it out. Does it sound crazy that every time I look at that bottle, I feel so happy? Cheap Dopamine.


4. Reading: Joseph naps everyday around lunchtime for an hour or so and I use this time, to do something for me. Which is usually reading or journalling. These books are on my bedside table right now and are awesome!


5. Homemade Self Care: My greatest strength is empathy, and Ive really enjoyed learning to be kind to myself. I have some favourite brands such as Janesce and Pure Fiji, but I get the most pleasure out of making something from scratch. Recently I decided to do a hair mask and it felt so good to pour moisture back into my head and hair.


So now I’ve told you my top five at the moment.. I want to know what yours are? Please comment and inspire me xxx


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