His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Last year, a little sparrow came to visit me.

I was in the kitchen, when I watched him hop onto the table, look around timidly and bounce forward a little more. I held my breath and watched in wonder.

Over the months following, he came back. And he brought friends with him. Each time getting more confident and their visits never cease to make me stop and hold my breath. To hold still.

The other day, we came into the kitchen to find four, standing on our kitchen window sill, pausing there together before flying out the open window. And then there was the time we found a baby bird asleep on the shelf.

img_0251 His eyes closed, he opened them a little as we kept him warm and googled how to care for a juvenile sparrow. I laughed as I found myself heating wheat packs and searching for bugs, pulling out the tall ladder and climbing heights to see if I could find his nest.

The Lord has not ceased to speak to me through the visit of these sweet little sparrows.. the tender ministry that His Holy Spirit is to us.

And as these dear wee birds have grown in confidence that our home is a safe place for them, so my heart has too grown to know that the presence of God is a safe place for us. Pouring out my heart to him, telling him things I didn’t know I felt, Ive found he has tenderly waited for him, stilling and quietening me as I come to His side. Sometimes he has felt so very quiet, but Ive come to know, that when he is so very quiet, were often being held so very close, so very tenderly.

Why am I writing all this? I wonder how many of you have been invited by the Lord tonight to just sit and be still with Him. To share, be real, open, and to let him hold you close. I pray you close your eyes and let His peace minister to you.

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