Making Sunshine March

AS Ive crashed eased into study life Ive told myself that I will be kind to myself, and patient as I figure something that resembles a routine. We’ve got lots of routine and structure in place, and that helps, but theres nothing like time pressure to highlight the areas of growth.

Things like needing to make the kids lunches at breakfast time, so I don’t have to spend all day cleaning up the kitchen or set times to love and be kind to other people.. and lets not start me on overdue coffee dates with friends. (Sorry if you’re reading this and nodding).

Last year I went away with Sam and did a week at a place called Piringa. It was incredible. What stood out to me most, was the value of a quiet reflective space. I took time to walk the beach in the evenings and to listen to what my insides were telling me. Ive found myself craving that space again, and so for March, this has been a bit of theme for ‘Making Sunshine March’:


  1. DIY Skin Bootcamp.  I use ‘Janesce’ skincare, which seems to have linked forces with another of my favourite ‘Bestow Beauty’ – and I can vouch these two work hand in hand to create beautiful skin. My face looked like it had been acid burned (Sam’s words), before being introduced years ago to Janesce. Almost overnight my skin calmed and started thanking me with a dewy complexion. But as Im nearing my 40’s, Im noticing that Im needing more than just topical care. These books are filled with yummy recipes and inspiring ideas.fullsizeoutput_1ab5fullsizeoutput_1ab8
  2. Its pretty much one of my favourite things right now, to put on some nice music, light a candle and paint my nails. I found this pretty sheer white, it has a touch of pink and shimmer and is called OPI Chiffon My Mind. I think a girls night is in order.. sitting around and painting our nails and pampering one another. Whadaya say?fullsizeoutput_1ab9
  3. Hydrangeas just have to be the most generous flower. I love them. This one just wowed me.  fullsizeoutput_1ab0
  4. Sleeping Joseph. This little man of mine is pretty much the reason I am in need of extra nutrients galore. He is delightful and mischievous and runs – everywhere. We practise walking ten steps at a time right now, through the shopping store, with me holding his hand.. and we never get more than a couple of metres before he attempts the hang, drop, wriggle lose and then run for your life giggling thing. When he finally gets to sleep, around midday, I usually spend the first minute sighing with relief… and then I cant steal myself away from his milky breath, his button nose, his soft skin and the way his fine down still curls in at his forehead and down his back. fullsizeoutput_1abd
  5. After sorting my wardrobe, I colour co ordinated my clothes and this has to be one of the most peaceful scenes to greet me everyday. I never realised, until starting studying, how much I need external order to think clearly.fullsizeoutput_1ab1


  6. DIY Face Mask: This one is made of avocado, avocado oil, cocoa powder and leftover coffee grains. It left my skin so smooth and nourished and smelt good enough to eat.16wwin_wu074_gry_w01
  7. AUTUMN! I love oversized cardigans, sweaters and layers and autumn is my favourite time of the year. The changing light, the warmth that gives way to leaves letting go and the invitation to slow down.

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