kidcuddlesHi! Welcome to Fearless Family.

We aren’t always very fearless, but we believe in in courageous livingĀ and being brave.

Im Fleur, and Im married to Samuel. We have 5 kids to our wall of fame.. 4 boys and 1 girl. We always said we wanted 4, and then in 2014 we took a brave step and added one more to our tribe. Were so glad we did.

We believe in successful family living; rich in memories, adventures, the grace of God and mistakes too. We know what its like to wonder if you’re doing okay, to question all the things you thought you knew about raising kids and doing it right. I have a feeling that if you’re reading here.. its because you’re curious to know how other families do life.. what works? What doesn’t? Us too!

We set out to purposefully seek wisdom, experience and input for the journey and so far, we’ve been deeply encouraged! This blog exists to encourage you on all we’ve learnt and will learn along the way.. to celebrate the fun.. and sometimes to let you laugh at our expense.

We hope you enjoy to peak in our goldfish bowl and are inspired and encouraged.