A Curated Closet Part 2

In the book Curated Closet, she suggests documenting what you wear for a couple of weeks – but that was wasted on me. I knew already that the area of my wardrobe needing attention is the mum uniform area.

My wardrobe style is classic romantic. If you don’t know yours, heres a fun test.. http://www.isyfashion.com/fashionpersonality.html. I like co ordination and structure, and I love feminine details at a small level, and from my wardrobe it is clear that I lean into white and shades of blue. Much of my day, however, is spent in the kitchen, with our kids doing homeschooling and craft and grabbing every possible moment to spray and wipe something down. Not so great with white.

So it was clear that what was lacking from my wardrobe, were the functional and somewhat boring elements that ‘tick things over’. All summer Ive worn one pair of shorts and one pair of jeans – because if I have a favourite, I;ll wear the favourite only. I went out and made myself buy two more pairs of jeans.. one for good, and one for everyday wear, a couple of tops to dress up and dress down, and a couple of t shirts that I can comfortably wear to a park, or to scrub the bathroom, and not stress. And then I made an inventory of items Id like to purchase over time that will bring my wardrobe together.

How I did that was, I went to my wardrobe, stood in front of it, and started mentally piecing together outfits that Id wear day to day as a “mum uniform”.. I asked myself; what would this need to take it from home to a cafe, without having a full outfit change? What outfits reflect not just my style, but how I function… and this is the board I came up;

Part 3 to come…

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